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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Going Up

The Balloon Festival in Statesville, N.C., was a great family event and the hot air balloons topped off day. These are two of the colorful balloons that made their way up for the event.

Fall in the High Country

Color on the Cragway Trail

October has started with some beautiful fall color. Grandfather Mountain is showing spectacular color this year and this view is from the Cragway Trail on the east side of Grandfather Mountain. See more on my Facebook.



NEW Gallery


Hebron Rock Falls
This is a great family hike. It is easy and not but 1.5 to 2 miles in on the 5 mile loop hike. That is optional. Just listen to the roar of the water and look for the sign. Go here to view images.

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Trail TREK 5

Black Mountain Crest Trail
My last adventure was the Black Mountain Crest Trail. I record the trails as a hobby but I am available for for hire. Go here to view images.


Bee collecting pollen.
Various wildflowers found in the High Country and surrounding areas. Go here for gallery.

Trail Galleries

Flatrock on the Cragway
If you want to see more trail images and get a visual to prepare a hike, check out the trail galleries on this site. Go here for galleries.

Grandfather Trail Images

High on the Grandfather Trail
This is one of my favorite trails in the High Country. Go here for gallery.

Find It?

Linville Falls

Family friendly hike to Linville Falls.

Elk River Falls

A 70 foot waterfall on the Elk River just outside of Elk Park, NC in Avery County.

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