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    Several GalleriesAll photography is for sale and mostly of the Western mountains of North Carolina. Please visit my galleries and select your image of choice.
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    Have a project?I am available for your graphic design needs from logos, brochures, business cards, magazine layout to just about anything.
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    Need a photographer?I have covered events from MerleFest, Bonnaroo, FloydFest and others locally. Contact me if you need an event photographer.
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Special FeaturesBy MTNSnapshots

I use a Canon EOS 70D and 50D camera with various lenses. I have some Canon lenses and Sigma lenses ranging from 50-500 4.6-5, 70-200 2.8, 100-400 4.5 and 28mm.

I switch between lenses for hiking, festivals, sports, and just about anything worthy of recording any image for my archives. Please feel free to contact me for questions.

I have been doing Graphic Design since I graduated Appalachian State University in 1993. I work on a Mac and have InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and other programs.

I also build WordPress and Joomla sites for the basic website needs. Please contact me If my services could help you attain your goal.

MTNSnapshots has hundreds of images from the mountains of North Carolina. Each image is for sale on my smugmug site and is available at a size that you would prefer to hang on your wall.

Photos are also available for print, special projects business beautification, or whatever your visual needs are.

Visit my smugmug site if you are looking for an image for you or your business.

Click on the icon to go to the galleries. There are several to select from and various sizes with no middle man. Read More

Joe the Hiker

High Country Visions

The Many Adventures of Joe the Hiker

Joe the Hiker is my trail companion. Sort of like a good luck talisman that hangs from my pack on every hike that I do. I have had him from the time Sandy, my cohort at work, gave him to me as a gift. He hangs on my Gregory pack and helps guide me through some tough situations. He even has a gallery. Please visit his gallery to see where he has been.

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  • Trail TREKs

    These are adventures on the trail that document and show what to expect while hiking.Please visit the galleries to get a visual of the trail before your hike. Read More
  • Seasons

    The Western mountains of North Carolina are a beautiful place to do photography.Each season presents a challenge and the rewards are priceless. Read More
  • Nature at its Best

    Shooting the outdoors is always fun in the High Country.Wildlife, insects and nature presents itself for display often and you have to be ready to capture that special moment. Read More
  • Sports and Action

    Shooting sports of all kinds is a challenge.I shoot Watauga High School sports, Appalachian State sports and other special sporting events in the High Country. Read More
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Hawk Watch

I love my hawks in Watauga County, and elsewhere, and record them when the opportunity presents itself. I currently have two that I have locked on to that have stayed in the area. One is in Boone around the Bojangles on 421 named Bo, and the other is my federally banded Red-tailed hawk I named Howard up Howards Creek Rd . I have a gallery of my hawks and are proud to show them off.

Go here for gallery.